Eternal Apothic - Coco Roro Youth Nectar

The one & only, to know the Coco Roro is to love the Coco Roro! With many fans, this product offers multi-tasking benefits & fortifies skin of all types making it our #1 seller. Rich & luxurious this formula synergistically infuses Rose Quartz with raw cacao, local honey, rose & pomegranate to create an unrivaled experience. Coco Roro hydrates, heals, and gently exfoliates while it nourishes, regenerates and fortifies. This dual purpose beauty balm can be used as a gentle daily cleanser or a powerful weekly treatment mask.
*For a proper application Coco Roro must be activated with a small amount of water & massage into skin adding more water as needed to keep moist.
Actives: Botanicals, Minerals, Vitamins, Peptides
Multi-Tasking Benefits: Cleanses, Hydrates, Tones, Nourishes, Detoxifies, Revitalizes
Scent: Rose w/a hint of Cacao
Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Rosacea, Irritated, Mature, Blemished
Pairs Well With: Ethereal Glow Micro-Exfoliant, Super C

Eternal Apothic - Coco Roro Youth Nectar