Eternal Apothic - Vert Pur MiracleOil

Nothing short of a skin miracle-incredibly light weight & nourishing, Vert Pur Miracle Oil can be used with great success on all skin types while helping to regenerate new cells & maintain a healthy barrier function leaving skin velvety soft without clogging pores.
We source ultra high quality raw, organic Hemp to help maintain optimum skin function. Known to regulate oil production, enhance skin tone, calm & sooth irritations, reduce redness & inflammation, balance skin functions & improve overall skin health, the high content of Linoleic Acid in our oil blend has the unique ability to penetrate & is easily absorbed by the skin providing long-lasting moisture without an oily residue. Literally, a source of food for the skin, Vert Pur balances oily skin, moisturizes dry skin, calms & conditions irritated skin, plumps tired skin, & improves the appearance of ageing skin. Universal skin care product, a must have for all types.
Actives: Omega-3&Omega-6 EFA's, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Proteins, Phytonutrients
Multi-Tasking Benefits: Moisturizes, Calms, Nourishes, Regenerates, Soothes
Scent: Nutty/Green
Skin Types: Sensitive, Mature, Delicate, Blemished, Damaged, Irritated, Normal, Dry, Oily
Pairs Well With: Super C Skin Crystals, Star Halo Moisture Cloud

Eternal Apothic - Vert Pur MiracleOil