Ginger & Honey - Sweet Soft Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub

Not ALL sugar scrubs are made the same. True statement! Our "Sweet Soft Lemon-Honey Sugar Scrub" is made to be a soft exfoliate but heavy on moisture. This scrub will gently remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin with natural oils and butter. The lemon fragrance gently awakens your spirits and aids the skin in its bright appearance and honey helps repair and moisturize the new skin after exfoliation. Using a combination of sugar, oils, and butter creates a superior sugar scrub that gets rid of the dead skin cells and conditions new skin cells for overall soft skin texture. Directions: Apply sparingly over the entire body and srub until ALL of the sugar has melted onto your skin. Rinse thoroughly and dry off using a patting motion to lock in the moisture.


Key Ingredients: Raw Sugar Cane Coconut OIl Raw Honey



Ginger & Honey - Sweet Soft Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub