Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary Aether

A concentrated hydrating formulation boosted with activated oxygen renowned for its purifying, regenerative, and brightening properties. Designed to revive tired skin with lush majesty, this botanically dense oil sinks in deep to lift and clear unwanted waste, boost cellular metabolism, and deliver vital nutrients. Pure activated oxygen (O3) releases its regenerative power to combat environmental aggressors while increasing micro-circulation, resulting in enlivened, glowing skin. Formulated for all skin types in need of restoration.


ACTIONS + Deep cleans and nourishes the skin + Clears congestion + Treats acne and diminishes scarring + Removes makeup and debris + Revitalizes lackluster skin + Restores a youthful, dewy complexion


SKIN FEEL Refreshed and deeply hydrated with a light finish.


AROMA Sensual, Floral, Ethereal Grounded in ancient wisdom, bottled with exacting care, Skin Alchemy has powerful plant medicine in every drop.


ARTISAN FORMULA: *Hemp Seed oil, *golden Jojoba oil, *Camellia Seed oil, *medical grade activated oxygen (O3) in Hemp Seed oil, *Evening Primrose oil, *Moringa oil, *Sacha Inchi oil, *Castor oil, *Black Cumin Seed oil, *Carrot Seed oil, *Chamomile Flower infusion, **wild Yarrow Flower infusion, *Blue Lotus Flower infusion, +Petitgrain, +Nutmeg, +Ylang Ylang, +Frankincense, +Benzion Resin, +Vetiver. *organic **wildcrafted +essential oil

Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary Aether

  • 4oz glass bottle with dropper