Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary - Wild Water



Articulating the essence of the Rose, unmistakably sensual and nourishing, this is a tonic for body and spirit. A delicate misting restores and beautifies the skin, kissing the complexion with a fluttering of silken petals. Enhanced with magnesium and MSM, this precious botanical mist works to uplift, hydrate, and tone body and soul.


ACTIONS + Refines pores + Soothes and softens + Restores hydration + Brightens the complexion + Promotes oil production equilibrium + Prepares skin to receive nutrients


REAL FEEL Supple and nourished with a satin finish. Grounded in ancient wisdom, bottled with exacting care, Skin Alchemy has powerful plant medicine in every drop.


ARTISAN FORMULA: Fresh spring water, organic Rose Petals, organic Aloe Vera juice, organic vegetable glycerine, magnesium, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), +Rose Geranium, +Rose Otto, ^caprylhydroxamic acid, ^caprylyl glycol. *organic **wildcrafted +essential oil ^coconut oil derived preservative

Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary - Wild Water

  • 4oz glass bottle with spray top