Simply Sage Dog - Cat Paw Balm & Moisturizer

So what are the benefits of Simply Sage Dog Treats balms and salves? Here's how our balms and skin salves can help your dog or cat.
* It can help prevent damage to the paws.
* It will help soothe and heal sore, damaged, flaky, or cracked paws.
* Reduce allergic reactions & irritation from seasonal and environmental allergens.
* The natural ingredients make the product lick safe. It will not harm your cat if ingested.
* Non-greasy formula soaks in within minutes.
* Tamper-resistant packaging.
Rapid results! Noticeable change within the first application. Our balms and salves are made just for cats with allergies and skin issues.




*always research which essential oils are safe for use with your cat or dog

Simply Sage Dog - Cat Paw Balm & Moisturizer